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Stature has to do with size,

But it does not talk

About the depth of a man’s size.

People tend to judge others by their physical stalk.

Whereas they are only concerned about the outside.


I need to work more on my inside

For my inside stature counts more.

The stature of  a man on the inside

Is more relevant than that of the outside.

To boost my outside stature, inward I look.


My carriage not  to be affected, my inside I look.

My posture not to determine my position in life,

The life wire is on the inside.

I will become more attractive

When I enlarge my inner side.


I have learnt to improve from the inside.

For I have seen a fat one who became slim;

And a slim one who who became fat.

Disease and sickness at times, charms and evil some times.

Why will I be embittered because of my stature?


I have been told from my inside

That my stature is unique.

I am the best for someone somewhere,

Even if I am not appreciated by my neighbours.

Their Creator appreciates me; they are ignoramuses.


My stature is the best to glorify God, not man!

If you are offended with the way I look,

Why not ask my Creator why He made me this way.

“None of your business,” I think He will say;

“S/He is not you,” I believe He will say.


Synopsis: You are more than the way you look outside. So, be happy with your look and let no person’s comment drive you crazy. Meanwhile, when you can change the look do godly things about it. Let your Creator be the determinant factor for such change. God bless you.


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