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Pain bears the mark of a creative genius.

It deserves more than a token acknowledgment. 1

Pain is as essential to a normal life,

Like blood in the human system.


Without pain we will die without any notice,

Like unnoticed shortage of blood in a man’s system will kill him.

We will be devoid of many basic pleasures.

There will be nothing to help us define comfort.


In the presence of pain, we can examine what comfort is.

Pain helps and teaches us to love,

Care for others and teaches some people

To love and care for us in return.


There will be nothing like pity, sympathy, mercy

Love and care if there is no pain.

Pain helps us to discover our strengths and weaknesses.

Pain is a divine gift to be understood.


In our attempts to get relieved of pain,

We discover how to protect more lives.

Without pain people will be heartless,

Cannibalism and killings will be fun to most men.


Pain controls our excesses.

Without pain people will know no limit.

God puts pain out of our easy reach.

It operates within a man’s soul.


If you inflict pain on someone today,

You too will feel it one day.

Probably, for you to repent of your evil deeds.

Pain – a divine gift we all hate.


1. The first two lines were coined from page 27 of Philip Yancey’s book, titled, Where Is God When It Hurts? Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 1977.


Synopsis: This poem is an ode to pain! Pain is a part of life. It comes in different degrees as God allows it to come. Can you show me a person who has never experienced pain under the sun? Let us live as much as possible to run away from pain as we live a careful life; but if pain still come, then listen to what God has to say. If He is silent, then, this poem can easily remind you of what pain can be – warning!


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