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I am standing beside a flowing river.

The colourful flowers I see.

In my readiness to be more than a tree,

Lord, more of You I see.


The low green grasses that be,

Remind me of the tallness of the tree.

The tree in its place it stands,

For it has no hands nor legs.

Wonderful you are flowing river,

For though you have no hands nor legs,

Different objects you move away.

You place each of them wherever you like.

How I wish I can see your end.


You’re surrounded with the beauties of nature.

None of them can survive without your flow.

Green grasses depend on you;

Colourful flowers depend on you;

Living organisms depend on you.

Even, great and tall trees can’t do without you.

Flowing river.


What a wonderful Maker made you?

You flow beyond the sight of men.

Your source no man can tell (Genesis 1).

Your end no man can source.

What a wonderful creature you are?

Flowing river,

The world is said to be placed on you (Psalm 24: 1&2).

You hold the pillars of this planet earth.

I just can’t imagine that I have

Waters under my feet!


Flowing river,

Where are you carrying me?

Your popular product is called water.

It is tasteless, odourless, and

The clean type is colourless.

Yet, you give colours to the flowers;

Green colour to grasses;

Strength to the tall strong trees; and

Life to the living things.

What are you flowing river?


I begin to search and remember your Source (Psalm 29: 3&10).

I think your Source determines your strength.

So, instead of looking for what you are.

I think I need the One behind your powers.

God, the Creator of the universe I find.

Him alone I will serve till I breathe no more.


Synopsis: God is the Source and the Controller of everything.



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